Popping & Clicking during playback


I’ve currently updated to 7.5 and now experiencing Popping & Clicking whilst playback is running. I’m currently running Win7 Quadcore 2.84ghz and 8GB Ram, I’m also running Both Cubase and VSTs off the same harddrive which isn’t on the OS Harddrive.

I’m running on Cubase 7.5 64bit and all my VSTs are 64bit and if the ones which aren’t are running through Jbridge. I am running my external soundcard (M-Audio FastTrack Pro) at a 512 buffer rate plus i a have tried numerous of different buffer rates with no joy.

I have also tried removing Asio Guard.

Also my Audio isn’t peaking and the VST Performance bar is nowhere near peaking either.

Any suggestions? If you need some more info just ask :slight_smile:

Kind Regards