popping/crackling during audio mixdown

I am using Cubase Artist 7.5 on Windows 7… no issues with CPU power and/or RAM.
Whenever I playback my track from the DAW it plays cleanly, but the mixdown is always off.
I tried different file formats, 24bit vs 16 bit … nothing works.
All other tracks I have exported are fine, there must be something with this track …

Does anyone have any idea what I should look into?

Hi, have you tried real time Export? Just an idea.

Dont Forget to have a look at disturbing processes on your machine, like Virus checkers for example.

There are some other possible sources, but These are maybe the first in mind.

Cheers, Ernst

Hi youoohay,

try increasing the buffer size before exporting.


I tried real-time export as well.

Will try to adjust buffers and other things and let you know.

Good luck! Stay tuned, maybe we have additional ideas.

Could you provide us with Information about the plugin and audio-Setup?

Cheers, Ernst

PS.: I am asking, because I experienced crackles due to wrong word-clock Settings between my external gear and cubase. this was easy to solve as soon as I identified it to be the culprit.