Popping in Playback - Need troubleshooting ideas

Hello All - I am in the middle of a surround sound mix 7.1. and I am getting pops in my play back audio now. It was doing just fine and then all of the sudden it started popping pretty bad. Is there anything I should be looking for in memory management.
Here are my specs:

Windows 7 platform - dual 8 core (16 core total) 3.2 gig Abu Dabi chips
128 gig of Ram
8 terribyte of Raid (SATA)
1 terribyte OS drive (SATA)
1 teribyte SSD drive
Nvidia - K5000 video card

AD/DA converter - DigiGrid MGB (Madi to Digico SD10)

Project specs:
138 surround 7.1 tracks
8 VST reverbs (Reverence)
All channel EQ’s are being used
53 compressors UAD Octo card
18 filters UAD Octo card
12 Delays VST nuendo
20 Reverbs real verb pro - UAD Octo card

Over 300 lines of Automation

Thank You -

Hi John

What are the latency settings? And what is your VST performance window saying when the pops appear?

Best, Alan

Thank you for your response question…

My VST meter shows about 55% load with all my reverence reverbs are on. They real time peak is always bouncing to the max no matter if I have the reverbs on or off. Taking off the Reverence reverbs does clean it up but even when I add just 1 it starts to pop. The weird thing about it is, it didn’t start popping until much later after I had added those reverbs. So it wasn’t that obvious when trouble shooting but when I finally turned off all VST efx and then slowly added each one back one by one I was able to isolate it down to that specific effect.

My Latency settings are - 5ms on Input and 7ms on output.

Is there a way to increase VST performace? My cpu’s are only using about 25% on average with everything on.

Thanks for any help you can give.