Popping or static sound on some Steinberg samples

If I load HALion Sonic Se and use the preset Grammophone Piano, there is a distinct popping sound or static in the samples. Its there live and its there when its rendered. In Groove Agent SE using the preset Ambush of Tigers, the Kick 3 drum sample also seems to have this same popping or static. Can someone check and see if they hear it and perhaps its just something wrong on my setup? I wonder because I heard these same pops on a Steinberg Youtube video when they used the Grammophone Piano preset. The video is titled “Start Creating Music|What Cubase can do for you.” The part would start at about 4:30 in the video. The pops are clearly heard on the video.

  1. Grammophone Piano is supposed to sound like that with the static/popping sound

  2. That static sound is in the Kick 3 sample as well.

***The sounds you are hearing are built into the sample itself so its NORMAL

Really? What do you think why they called it “Grammophone”

I can see that on the Grammophone Piano, but why on kick 3 drum of the Ambush of Tigers preset in Groove Agent? Its the same popping sound. Is that supposed to be there?

I just told ya its in BOTH of those samples and YES it is supposed to be there.
I have CHECKED them here for you.

What is your issue with it? Pick another sample if ya hate that sound.

I was asking to make sure there wasn’t some conflict in my setup. The Grammophone Piano, I can understand. Its on all the samples and I guess the pops are to make it sound like a scratched record. But Ambush of the Tigers drum sounds ( and on just a few of the samples)? What are they for? To simulate insect noises? I do appreciate you letting me know its not my setup.

Also, there are many plugins that introduce noise for realism ( guitars with fret noises etc.) and sometimes ( most times) there are ways to adjust that noise level. I was hoping for such on the drums sounds. Ambush of the Tigers is an ambient drum kit that I really like. I just don’t like the pops that are on a few of the samples. It would be great if one could turn those off. My point is it wasn’t a dumb question, and nothing to be annoyed about. Thats why we’re here.