Popping sound in 6.5 with profire 2626

Hi all,

I’ve got a new computer and installed everything I already previously owned with the addition of Cubase 6.5 (I had 5.something and 4.something before that, but bought a fresh copy of the software).

When I load an instrument (any instrument) and hold a note in cubase, I get a popping noise every second or so. I have all the latest drivers for all of the software, here’s the setup:


Windows Ultimate 64 bit
32gb RAM
1 * 160GB SSD for program files
2 * 2 TB drives for VSTs
iCore 7 processor
m-audio profire 2626


Cubase 6.5
East West; Symphonic Choirs, Gypsy, Pianos, Platinum Plus Symphonic Orchestra, MoR, Goliath, SD2, VOP, plus a few others I’m probably forgetting
Spectrasonics; Stylus RMX, Omnisphere

I have downloaded and installed ALL of the latest plugins for all the software and if I try the East West instruments in the standalone players outside of Cubase, everything works just fine. No popping, no latency, it just works.

It’s not anything to do with clipping in Cubase, either - I made sure all the levels are down on the instruments and I still have the same problem (whether that be with East West or Spectrasonics instruments). All of the leads are fine, as the sounds load up and play okay in their respective players.

Am I missing something obvious here, like some option in device setup that I should tweak? I have tried messing around with those options, but they don’t really get me anywhere and I really feel like I shouldn’t have this problem with the specs of the computer I’m using.

This is a fresh install of a new copy of Cubase on a new machine, so I don’t see how reinstalling Cubase could help.

Thanks for any advice!


Check with F12 what is going on.

http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon very detailed infos /small installation
http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml infos about latency / no installation needed

Perhaps you check your systemlatency if there is everything all right.

Postby Grim » 05 Jun 2012 02:55
On WIndows 7 the default firewire drivers can cause problems…solved by selecting the legacy firewire driver.

all my 4 cents hope its help in them

Greetz Bassbase

Thanks for the reply, Bassbase. Here’s a screenshot of what I see (attached) when just holding a chord (I hear the popping, but nothing looks dramatic in that performance program). When I check VST performance through F12, the ASIO bar is just a thin blue sliver and CPU doesn’t even get a blue sliver it’s so low…

Hmm hard
so your interface is via firewire right? Ifg you have a onboardsoundcard i would try out to load another asiodriver so that not you firewireinterface is calculating the vst and check if this popping is still there.

Letz go step by step in circle round the problem till we find the solution :wink:

And you in Cubase 64bit right. If i were you i would also install the 32bit version and use the play32bitplugin also to test.

Sorry that i can’t just say thats the point ;(

Greetz Bassbase

I’ll try that a little later this weekend, but the legacy driver you mentioned in the quote - I’d prefer to try that first - did it come with a link?

I tried looking at the older drivers on the m-audio site and even loading the drivers off the original disk, but I get prompted with an error message with both saying that those weren’t compatible with my OS.

Yes, I am using Cubase 64 bit and Play 64 bit and the m-audio is connected via firewire. However, the popping occurs in Omnisphere (which I think is 32 bit) as well, so I don’t think it’s an issue with Play itself.

I’ll try using the onboard sound card and see what happens there - I’ll just have to find a pair of speakers to hook up to it first, haha.

Forgot to mention - it’s Windows 64 bit Ultimate SP1.

Thanks again for your help.

That a 32bit plugon may not work nice in 64bit cubase wouldn’t be unnormal :wink:


This is just something i found first with google. Give me a feedback this works :wink:

greetz Bassbase

Ok, I tried rolling back the driver and rebooting. That just got rid of sound altogether. It wasn’t using a windows driver there in the first place, as it’s a PCI card by Texas Instruments, so it was using one of their drivers.

So, I downloaded the 6.5.1 update (which I was a little reluctant to do to start with as it’s just a hotfix) and fiddled with some of the device settings and this seems to have righted the problem. I’ll have a proper play around with more instruments over the weekend, but fingers crossed and all that! Thanks again for your responses, Bassbase. :slight_smile:

Fingers are crossed :wink: have fun making music :wink: looking forward to hear from you :wink:

Greetz Bassbase