Popping sounds even when clicking on different audio tracks (and playback)

I get an annoying popping sound when I click on different audio tracks in the track list. I never had this issue with my focusrite 2i2, I am now using the AXE i/0 interface. I’ve tried experimenting with different buffer sizes up to 1024. My CPU meter isn’t even close to 20%. Sometimes it happens during playback when a new audio track is entering, and if I rewind it back to the entrance of said audio tracks it smooths out and there is no popping sound…but even then, I sometimes still hearing the popping sound. Even if the audio track has no sound at the beginning, and I press play, I still hear a pop sound in my speakers. I am recording electric guitar and bass. I am sure it is my interface. I never had this issue with my other audio interfaces. Any help would be great. Thanks.

I took off amplitube from my inserts and the popping has stopped, I then put amplitube back on the audio tracks and sure enough, the popping is back. So I think I’m getting closer to figuring this out.