pops and blips in playback using halion and video

I’m recording a piece with 8 of “Halion” MIDI instrument tracks and a video track in it. It’s seems to be popping alot while i play back. I have my buffer at 256, before it was at 1024 and the problem was still occuring , any suggestions on what i can do? It’s like a little blip and pop every few seconds and sometimes there are a whole cluster of them. Help!



I would guess, this is a Buffer-Size issue. Even if it was occuring (the same, or less?) if you change the Buffer-Size to 1024. Can you hear these pops, in he exported WAV file? What about you Performance meters in Cubase?

Hi thanks for the response! Should the buffer size be higher when I’m recording and lower when i’m playing back? Or do i have it the wrong way? No there are no pops in the WAV file, it seems to only be in cubase happening as the piece is in playback. The performance meters are fine usually but go into the red when it pops


During recording, you should set the lowest Buffersize, you can. Then you will get the lowest latency.

During playback, you can set heigher Buffersize, to get more performance, and to be able to insert as much plug-ins as you need.

So, please, try to increase your Buffersize. Pops should stop.