Pops and clicks on cubase 6

I have been experiencing pops and clicks in my live audio tracks. I thought it was a performance issue, but I have since upgraded all of my hardware and I still have the same problem. They seem to occur randomly, but in both tracks simultaneously. It happens during recording and in playback. I have tried adjusting the buffer size and that has no effect. I just had a Solid State drive installed in my computer and am running with 8 gigs of RAM. I ran a dedicated circuit from my main panel for my interface, bought a power conditioner, because I thought I might have dirty power, no difference. I bought a 7200 rpm external hard drive, tried recording with my laptop on battery power and turned off all of the lights so I wouldn’t have any interference from the lights or dimmer switches in the house. That didn’t help. I even had my Mics sent back to the factory to be inspected.

I feel like this problem must be with my settings on cubase, or in my computer processor. I have a MacBook Pro running on a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5. My interface is a Steinberg UR824. Any Help would me greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Did you optimize your OS X, by using Steinberg recommends?

I don’t think so. What do you mean by “using Steinberg recommends”? is that a feature on cubase? or in My Steinberg?..

So I just connected a focusrite interface to my computer, and no pops. It must be the steinberg.

Try to follow these steps.

If you want to be more acurate, try to follow these steps, for OS X.

If the Focusrite FW interface too?

Do you have last version of Steinberg driver, and firmware?