Just to say if anyone is having problems with pops and clicks and is using a firewire audio card, the FIRST thing to do is to buy an ACTIVE Firewire repeater cable (well maybe not the first). Most of them are 4.5m. I can now get down to 3ms with no pops and clicks!!! It’s amazing how much difference this has made!!! They are about 13 quid on ebay.

Also make sure you disable wifi…

ti chipset makes a huge difference, my audio interface’s performance increased by approx %400 when i made the change (can now go down to 1.5ms with no pops or clicks).

I thought I had solved all my problems this morning, but tried to do a looped audio recording of vocals today and after 7 takes, the crackles came back. Seems like my computer might be getting too hot or something. V. Wierd. Am just about to ditch the comp I think. Bootcamp MBP has been a nightmare from the start…

Are you saying T.I. Chipsets are best? Or should I avoid TI?

TI are recommended.

Thanks. Should be getting my new DAW next week and it’s TI