Pops and Crackles all over!

So here’s what happened.
I opened my project and started playing then after 1min played some tracks stopped playing and then started playing again, then after a while instead of muting tracks randomly it suddenly turned the entire project into crackles pops and clicks instead of music… :open_mouth: I chaged my buffer size and it didn’t work, I reinstalled my soundcard driver (RME UCX) which also didn’t work, I tried to open a backup of the project and it also didn’t work out.
I hope someone can give a hint on how to solve this one.
Thanks in advance.

I think we’ll need a little more information to help. What version and build of Cubase are you using? What operating system are you on? What is your Input Latency currently reading?

Can you please list each of the plugins you have in the project (and how many of each you have loaded)? What are you meters reading in VST Performance?

Hi, Im using Cubase Artist 6.0.2 (I bought the version 6.5 and after I reinstalled 1 year ago it changed to 6.0.2, I wonder know why, and now I will need to pay more if I want to upgrade to 7.5), my OS is Windows 7 and my Input Latency is currently 21.917ms and plugs Im using are mostly from Waves and Trillian, the rest is audio. Vst Perfomance Asio meter is contantly clipping and Disk is allways flat.

What sample rate and buffer size are you using? Larger buffer sizes and lower sample rates (but don’t go lower than 44.1kHz) will free up more CPU for processing audio. Also the RME has excellent direct monitoring capabilities, so your latency at an increased buffer size shouldn’t be an issue.

If you are already at something like 44.1kHz/256 samples and seeing this behavior, you might have a bad-behaving device that’s causing DPC spikes. The most common offenders are WiFi cards/chipsets, but other devices (or, more specifically, their drivers) can cause problems as well.

EDIT: 22ms input latency is crazy high, especially for an RME! You must already have a huge buffer set?

I’m using 1024 samples at 48000kHz. Already removed my WiFi card and unisntalled and the problem remains.

I would recommend updating to the last version of CA 6.0.7 from http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_cubase_artist_6&L=1

If you have a license for CA6.5, you can upgrade to 6.5.0, then 6.5.5 from http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_cubase_artist_65&L=1

Please list each of the plugins you have loaded in the project and how many instances of that plugin you have loaded. What is your CPU? What is your RAM?