Pops and Cracks on recording with Cubasis/UR22mkll/Ipad Air

Hello, I’m running Cubasis with a new Ipad Air and the UR22mkll interface. When I first took everything out of the box it worked well and I was able to record a few songs.

Now when I try to record there are small pops and cracks that come up on the recording, I don’t hear them while recording but after the fact they are on the audio track. The CPU is staying low and I’ve updated the Cubasis app and the UR’s firmware. I tried different cables and mics and it’s still happening. Any ideas why or how to fix it? I’ve submitted a request to Steingburg Support to see if it’s still under warranty. Thanks!


I’m sorry to hear about your recording issues with Cubasis and the UR22mkII.

In order to help you, please provide me with the following information:

  • A short video that demonstrates the issue visually
  • Step by step description (unless video is self-explaining in reproducing the issue)
  • If possible, handover the Cubasis project file also

Please use a service such as WeTransfer or Dropbox to upload the files and let me know the link via PM.