Pops and cracks through UR12 outside of DAW

Hi all,

I’ve had a UR12 interface for a good 2 years now, and up until now have not had any problems with it.

However, as of this weekend, its begun to play up - I have not changed any settings. All that’s happened is that I’ve been away and haven’t used it for 2 days. Now, I’m consistently getting some pretty horrible pops and cracks in my audio almost all the time. I’ve tried raising the buffer size (as it sounds like the effect when the buffer is too small) but to no avail. I’ve tried reinstalling drivers, updating drivers, moving the UR12 to a different USB, but it all fails to fix the problem.

I’ve checked my audio through the PC headphone ports to check if it is the UR12 and I’m definite that it is. This problem is rather infuriating to me, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!