Pops and drop outs when lowering or raising audio

Hi guys,

That’s new to me with this new system

Whenever I lower or raise the volume (db) on an audio segment on a track in the project window
I can see the disk meter spike and causing quick pops and drop outs

Any ideas what would cause that ?
I dont remember being like that…

Thank you!!

I have the same issue when resizing many parts of the arranger window (track heights, header widths, channel settings, etc.). Only thing that stops this stuttering - which gets progressively worse for me - is to reset my audio driver. Which only lasts temporarily.

Majorly aggravating.

Investigate with latencymon

For the record, this is on Windows 7. (I looked at your post history. :p)

Some optimizations might help and also graphics drivers are latest.
Try to give some examples.

My former daw - an xp machine - I got pops in audio just opening a popup menu in daw, Sonar at the time.
So unchecking a simple thing like background shadow on menu - fixed that.
So certain visual effects occupy busses some, it seems.

At least on windows 7 there are some general settings you can try - optmize for visuals, or optimize for performance - just as a test to see what makes a difference. Then you can go into details and try every option what matters.

And if WLAN adapter those are known to cause some of what you describe. So wireless network, do cables instead.

Check your buffer size ,also I assume your drive is not an external drive like usb?