pops between tracks when mastering

i’m getting pops between tracks when mastering. I’m working in an Audio Montage with 3-4 plugins on each clip.Happens with all projects with various plugins used. It happens just before the next song starts. I’ve tried changing my RME sound card settings and various other Wavelab parameters to no avail. Any ideas?

how long is the separation between your tracks? Do you hear the same thing with a rendered montage file?

Are you doing a crossfade between tracks … so that the next track blends into the previous … with no gap and a splice marker between them?

In that case, you will need to take some time to place the track marker at a crossing point where this does not happen.

If not crossfaded, have you left like 300-500 ms at the start of the track?

There are a lot of variables here and missing info that are likely to take this thread way off course.

If you are able to provide a copy of the montage file (without the audio) that might help somebody troubleshoot.

And you should specify if you hear the pops on playback in the live montage, or on the rendered files, or both. Do you hear the pops if you play from before the track transitions or just if you skip right to a track? Zero crossing are worth considering but often not the problem. WaveLab can render seamless WAV masters that don’t pop on song transitions even if the track split is right in the middle of a cycle.

It would be good to know if you have crossfading/overlapping tracks but I once had a case where some audio samples would get stuck in a certain plugin so even though my audio clips had 200ms of digital black silence on them, there would be a tick at the start of the clip when the plugin discharged the stuck samples.

The problem has been fixed by the plugin developer but maybe you are using a plugin that has a similar problem.

I don’t have any crossfades. Standard 2 sec between tracks. No problem if I render tracks first. It’s annoying when I’m adjusting parameters on tracks and listening to the fades, intros etc. I’ve also tried all kids of higher latency setting with no difference.

Interesting. I had a feeling from your original post you were NOT speaking about tracks that overlap/crossfade which can induce its own set of problems and workarounds.

You shouldn’t hear a pop between songs, especially if there is silence between them.

I have a feeling this has to do with a certain plugin somehow, just like I had the problem with Eiosis AirEQ until they fixed it. Have you tried this without plugins at all to help troubleshoot?

Also, it’s probably not the solution but have you checked the settings shown here? You must have a montage open to access these settings.

No problem if I render tracks first

If this is a playback only issue, then try Justin suggestion.

I tried activating “reset plugins when starting playback”, still the same. i can have all plugins active on previous clip and none on next and no pop.

Have you tried it with Steinberg plugins only? Also I had one system I had to place a dither plugin in the master section when monitoring to overcome the same play-only problem. Have you tried that? Might also be available in your interface.

I agree with Bob that this is likely one plugin in particular causing this issue. Maybe you can remove them one by one to find the problem plugin and then after that, maybe you can try the VST2 or VST3 (opposite of what you’re using now) as a temporary workaround.

I tried removing them one at a time, same thing. The three plugins are Waves F6, C4 and Slate Digital FGX. What dither plugin could I try? All audio files are 24 bit 44.1

If this is happening with no plugins that is very strange.

You may have to provide a screen shot of your session, your RME mixer settings, and perhaps the montage .mon file without the audio.

Have you tried the built in output of your computer to help troubleshoot and narrow things down?

WaveLab comes with iZotope MBit dither.

Sorry, I have to qualify my previous post. Even one plugin will cause a pop but with no plugins all is good.Anyway, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Waves F6 plugin. I substituted it for a different EQ (Waves Heq) and no pops! Shame because I quite like the F6.

If you are using VST3 of the Waves F6 did you try the VST2 version or vise versa?

Using the VST 2 plugins didn’t make much difference in Wavelab but it seemed to cure the pops in Studio One V3.

This is probably something you could report to Waves if you want them to fix it.

I had a similar issue with Eisois EQ that they were able to resolve. I really don’t use Waves much anymore so I can’t say if it’s a global issue or just something on your rig.