Pops, clicks, and lagging audio

On CB v 11.0.10 I am experiencing some loss of audio. Gear used: iMac Pro (128 GB RAM), High Sierra 10.13.6, AVID MTRX (16 in / 32 out, Waves Soundgrid with MGB MADI box, Netgear switch dedicated to gear on the Soundgrid network, 96 kHz / 32 bit float format, VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro, no 3rd part plug-ins, 10 tracks audio, 20 tracks midi, CB buffer at 512, Soundgrid driver buffer at 512, Internal clock on MTRX, and all settings setup correctly for clocking according to Waves technicians (MTRX master, and Waves MGB and Cubase follows its clock), and a few Cubase native virtual instruments and synths. I could FREEZE but according to many, I shouldn’t have to freeze this early in the project. This is intermittent and occurs after running the session for a while (30-90 minutes). Also, I am unable to play some CB Virtual instruments without loss of audio, even with session stopped. Thanks.