Pops/clicks on export

I’ve had this issue with Cubase for years now, and I’ve heard others have had this issue as well, but I don’t know if anyone has found a solution. Currently running Cubase 10, but my previous versions have had this issue as well. It only happens with some projects, not all.

I get a few pops when I playback, and this also happens in the beginning of exported songs/files as well.

If playing, stopping, then immediately playing back the pops do not happen. They only happen when I stop for a few seconds, then playback again.

I’ve turned off all plugins, and the audio tracks are all fine, no pops in the recordings. I’ve even played back just one track and it happens again.

Buffer is at its maximum, and I have “Suspend VST 3 plug-in processing…” on in VST-Plug-Ins folder in Cubase Preferences.

What the heck is going on?


Just in case this happens to anyone else, I figured it out. Issue with Variaudio. I deleted all the corrections I made and reanalyzed the audio and the pops disappeared. Odd.