Pops/clicks on tempo changes

I run a fairly big template in CB 11 but not a lot of VST’s inside. Most are running in a slave VEP Pro. I still get pops on tempo changes in my tempo track, even when I’m not using any midi, just audio tracks. How do you prevent this? I’m on a pretty fast 2013 Mac Pro, all SSD drives, latest drivers and program versions of everything, running in Catalina. My input latency is 5.958ms, output latency is 6.125ms so not really low, and multi processing is checked. I also have the ASIO-Gaurd on low, since having it off is absolutely worse. My performance meter Average is sitting around 45% and the Maximum is bouncing around 25-30% except when there’s a pop then it hits 100% of course. Any ideas? This is driving me nuts!

Do you have Time Machine on in Kontakt? That’s a major source of tempo clicks. You might try ramps instead of curves.

Thanks NYC, I’ll check this out later today.