Pops & clicks when capturing at 88.2khz

I’ve only recently started recording my projects at 88.2 kHz and have noticed that when I mix down in realtime to wavelab that on playback I will get random pops and clicks. When I say “realtime” I mean that I have cubase 7 and wavelab 8 running simultaneously on the same machine both using the ASIO driver. I never had an issue before doing this at 44.1khz to the surprise of many. The pops and clicks are not present while cubase 7 is playing, only on playback from wavelab. It seems that when I increase the buffer to 1024kb or better on my dm3200’s audio interface the problem goes away. When I did the same process in 44.1 I never had a problem like this with my buffers set at 256kb. Some of my projects are not even more than 10 tracks with very few plugins. I’m assuming this problem is related to the resource demands needed to record at 88.2khz? Is this normal behavior? I would have thought my new workstation could handle this scenario without having to increase my buffer size. There is no over utilization being reported within Cubase, VST performance meter is below thresholds, audio interface is locked and not reporting dropouts. Again the project plays perfectly in cubase 7, it’s the playback of the mix in wavelab 8 (and wavelab 6 as well) that has these artifacts. I get the sense that if I captured my mix from within Cubase then exported the stereo track and brought it into wavelab then this wouldn’t be an issue. However I really want to keep my existing workflow as it is super convenient and mix sounds dead on accurate when compared to the Cubase project. I’m hoping ArjanP responds as we nearly use identical software and hardware :smiley:

Hey Charlie! Sure I’ll respond. However I have no experience (yet) in using my setup at 88.2 kHz, so I can’t tell you if I’d experience the same behaviour. Sounds strange that the driver wouldn’t be able to handle this, cause that would suggest the same pops and clicks ocurring when recording 2 extra tracks in Cubase…

Only thing I can suggest is to record just two tracks in WL from the mixer, with a radio, CD player or whatever playing, so only the input side to WL can be excluded from / compared to the full duplex scenario where you have the problem. BTW, are your WL input channels exclusive for WL, so not assigned at all in Cubase?

Thanks ArjanP

Weird thing is…I can multitrack in cubase til the cows come home at 88.2 without issue…
Problem only exists when recording to wavelab while playing from cubase simultaneously …

Edit: I just routed the mix down to a stereo track within cubase and no issues so again it seems to be related to cubase and wavelab being used simultaneously and ASIO buffer setting. I guest answer is I can get away with this workflow at 44.1 and 48 without increasing buffer size but at 88.2 I do…I guess?

FWIW … I have long experienced weird stuff with tracks at 88.2. At one point I started to suspect the issue lay with some well known plugs that I tend to use all the time. It is strange that the ONLY time there is a hiccup with WL is 88.2 files.

Interesting stuff… I won’t be back in my studio for quite some time so I can’t check it out, but I’ll give it a try as soon as I can. Charlie, what if you just record from the DM3200 into WL 88.1 kHz without Cubase using the ASIO driver at the same time?

I don’t have an issue with WL or C7 by themselves, just when the 2 are being used simultaneously. I have no desire to troubleshoot this further so I will continue to set my Tascam buffers at 256kb when tracking and bump up to 1024kb when capturing to WL. It may very well just be that more buffers are neeeded for 88.2khz projects when compared to 44.1 or 48khz projects when using the 2 applications together. I doubt it has anything to do with me still using the 32-bit version of C7 (I haven’t made the leap to 64-bit yet). Mind you that the pops and clicks are few and random. In fact if you aren’t paying 100% attention, the average person probably wouldn’t hear them…but they are there and they aren’t supposed to be.