Pops, clicks when comping

Is anyone else experiencing more than usual popping at edit points when comping multiple takes in Cubase Pro 11? I am finding that (even with snap to zero crossings on) I have to work really hard in 11 to get clean comps. Is there something I’m missing? Is there some auto fade setting that I need to check a box on? Anyone else finding this?

It used to be I could frequently make a comp edit on a long held note from take to take and it would often work surprisingly well. Now, it’s super poppy - I can hear it loudly…

Johnny B


There is Auto Fade Settings of every single track. You can enable Auto Crossfade there.

Do some crossfades after comping and the clicks should be gone.

While comping, before crossfading it’s pretty normal, depending on the material, I’d say.

OK - my auto crossfades settings did not migrate from 10.5 to 11.

They are set at the project level, and it’s waaaaaay better!

With the speed of computers, this seems like it should default to on these days…