pops/cracks on wave files on 24bit since 9.5.40

Since 9.5.40 i experience popping and cracking on my exported 24 bit wave files.

First I thought the mixer has somehow changed because it especially happens due to bass regio being slightly flirting with 0db limit. But it didn’t act like that before.

I have my cubase engine set to 64bits but it never pruduced these pops before when exporting

I was thinkiong, Could it be because of several windows updates, also I know my cpu is a bit old, 8 years in fact, it’s a i7 920.

So I tried to export to 32bit float and the pops and cracks are gone. Is there an explanation for this ? You’d think that it would even pop and crackle more because the file size and bitdepth is higher.


Could you try to update to Cubase 9.5.41, please? Can you reproduce it after?

I’d be interested in an update here. I’ve been having similar issues in Cubase Pro 9. The pops occur on the exported files and in the low-end instruments, regardless of bit depth setting, though.

The only way around it that I’ve found is to do real-time export. That’s not an ideal solution for me though because I mostly use VST instruments and real-time export often comes with other issues in this case.