Pops, Glitches - Affinity Settings

Has anyone else got any experience of the following.

I am running Cubase 5 on a now well outdated PIV Asus P4P800 Deluxe Rig and was having trouble with ASIO glitches, especially when doing anything graphics intensive, zooming in/out etc. I already found that unticking Multi Processing in the Device Manager made a huge difference but was still having a few issues.

Did a bit of research and found out about the Affinity settings trick and even got hold of the Auto Affinity Tool.
If you haven’t heard of it, there is basically a fix in Windows where you set the Cubase5.exe Affinity in the Task Manager for Processor 0 to off and then back on again.The tool basically switches the Affinity for you with just one click.

Apologies if this is an old subject discussed many times but I did a search for Affinity and found nothing in the Cubase 5 forum. There is stuff in other forums but not this one.Thought it may be of help to anyone else having similar problems especially anyone running antique systems like me. :smiley: