Port assignment or not for NotePerformer (v4)

I imported a 32 track orchestral midi file into Dorico. 5 With the NotePerformer template selected. When I looked at Play I saw that NP had provided 3 instances of itself - so 15 tracks + Dorico beep in first vst slot, 16 in second and 1 in the 3rd slot.

So are Dorico port numbers irrelevant when working with Note Performer? If I was using Kontakt multi I would match Dorico port numbers to ports in Kontakt I guess - on my Kontakt 7 A B C or D - if I needed to.

The Midi file tracks on import are helpfully given a prefix of A or B so 16 With A prefix and 16 with B. I suppose i could set these up with the As in the first Note Performer instance and the Bs in the second. But if NotePerformer is automatically designating ports ( or doesn’t care about ports) maybe this does not matter.

How does this all work out with NPPE (I’m mainly using this with HOOPUS for now). Do i build up a custom 32 instrument template in NPPE for the score - or is NPPE more intuitive than this?

Most stuff I have done before has been for under 16 midi channels so I am hitting the big time with this one. Help as ever much welcomed in this great forum.

Yes, so far as I know, each instance of NotePerformer provides only a single set of 16 channels, so it does not support multiple ports.

Thanks. So the NP instances are still independant of each other and my 32 instrument tracks should all play back ok? (providing of course I have done the rest of the setup correctly😁).

Yes, you can have multiple NotePerformer VSTs, and they will all playback without ‘interfering’ with one another. (The same is true for any VSTs.)

If your Violins are on channels 1 & 2 in 02-NotePerformer, then you can have Trumpets on channels 1 & 2 in 03-NotePerformer, and everything is fine.

As far as NPPE is concerned: just add all the instruments, and NP will sort it out.