Port Mapping issue in Mixer

In Dorico, I have a violin on Midi channel 3 assigned to HalionSonic as my VSTi.
The Dorico Mixer shows HS3 Violin, if I change the output in HAlionSonic to e.g. output 4 , in Dorico mixer the signal changes to output 4 but the name(Violin) remains at output 3. Which is confusing if you don’t follow a midichannel nr. = Output nr . scheme. It would be less confusing if: Instrument name + midi channel would apply to midi section in dorico mixer, instrument name + output in VSTi to output section in Dorico Cheers R

Dorico doesn’t receive any notifications from HSSE when you change a setting within the plug-in itself, so I’m afraid it can’t update in response to a change you make there.