Portable Recording with Cubasis

Hi, I am new here, i am not currently a user of Cubasis or Cubase.

I am planning to make a recording gig starting with my Ipad Air 2, 16gbs, and thinking about buying an Ios interface, like Tascam US 16x08, maybe pairing it up with a Audient ASP800 if needed.

My idea is to record up to 16 channels into the ipad, and i read cubasis can store to Wireless storage.

I wanted to ask, if Cubasis can record directly into a Wireless external drive, or only store then post recording them. My idea would be recording there and then exporting audio files to Logic Pro or Pro Tools, to edit/mix.

But, cubasis has the capability to record directly to an external wireless drive? Since, i may be recording several channels at the time, and Ipad internal space will run out very quick. If this is possible, which external wireless drive would you recommend? an SSD one? a Thumb wireless drive(like Sandisks?) or i should be looking for a 64, or 128gbs ipad?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Think there’s no chance to tell Cubasis to record to anywhere else than to the ‘locked in’ default location. It you find out, let me know :slight_smile:

Havent bought it yet :frowning: as soon as i start buying it i assume i will start buying lots of things, so i want to know if what i want to do is possible, or should i try another set up. I havent bought the tascam interface or pres yet :stuck_out_tongue: since if i will be having trouble recording and storing/accessing to sessions, i dont want to have to sell the set up later :frowning: or being forced to buy an ipad with 128gbs at least. And i need to buy the wireless storing too :stuck_out_tongue:

Each simple laptop with Cubase Elements plus a capable interface will do much more ergonomic what you probably want it to do. Amounts of storage troublefree. Cubasis is nice but very limited too - as well as an iPad!