Portamento and Dynamic Problems

Hello there,

Im writing a PianoQuintett at the moment. I have two problems there right now:

  1. in the cello: when i write a portamento from a high f1 to an lower g and it plays all the notes in there exact, shortly one after the other instead of just bending down. (i mean instead of fe(eb)d(db)… it plays f, e, eb, d, db… maybe you understand what i mean) Is there a way to change that, or am i writing the wrong signs for that effect.

  2. There is a part where the violin 1, violin 2 and viola play almost the same thing. now i want the viola to be louder. but when i try to add a “mf” to the viola it adds it to every instrument on top.

Thank you very much

Dorico doesn’t currently support the playback of glissando or portamento using MIDI pitch bend. This is something we plan to add in a future version.

For your dynamic issue, it sounds like you have an existing set of linked dynamics shared between the violins and violas. Try selecting a nearby dynamic on the viola and see whether dynamics at the same rhythmic positions show up in blue on the other staves; I expect they will. Select the dynamics on the viola instrument that you want to be independent of the dynamics on the other instruments, and choose Edit > Dynamics > Unlink Dynamics. You should then be able to add dynamics to the viola independently.

More information in the Operation Manual here.

Thank you very much, yeah that was the exact problem i had! Thanks for the quick answer!
And to the glissando: yeah i expected something like this.

awesome, again thanks so much for the quick answers!