Portamento Time of a Voice automatically Changes with Cubase Playback


I have playing back a song from cubase to a sound module ( my Yamaha PSR keyboard). However, on channel 1, few notes are playing portamento ( slide to next note) when I play the song from cubase to PSR.

I loaded the song as a MIDI song into PSR and it plays just fine. I checked the voice settings on PSR and the Portamento time is set to zero but as soon as I hit play on Cubase it moves up to 46!

I also the I checked the controller lane and the list editor of cubase track for Right 1 & 2 (my melodies) there are no portamento events (MIDI cc 5) there. I tried to filter and subtract cc 5 by 46, but it slides few consecutive notes.

Anyone knows by as soon as hit play on cubase portamento time moves from 0 to 46?


Do you mean, you can’t see the Portamento Tim (MIDI CC5) in the Controller lines? If you mean this, scroll down and click to the Setup. Here you can set, which MIDI CCs are visible in the Controller Line.

You can also double-check the MIDI CC5 presence in the List Editor.

No, I see it. I added it manually. There is nothing. It is just my Yamaha PSR. There is a page in PSR that one can show each used voice in a song in real time. When PSR is stopped, portamento time returns to 0 as soon as I hit start ( Cubase is master), the portamento time goes and stays at 46!


Maybe other track sending the data to the same MIDI Channel?

I have an input transformer preset on the track to filter other channels of the PSR port 1. I use MIDI monitor to see what signals are coming into. Thank you for the hint.