Portico Bundle for sale

My Portico bundle is up for sale for EUR 320.
PM me if interested.



Just out of curiosity, why are you selling?

That’s not much of a discount, really.

You will need to take into account the shipping of a (soon to be obsolete) USB-eLicenser, as well, I guess.

I own these plugins and love them. Bought them on sale a few years back for less than your asking price. Just sayin’, you know …

Hey Scab,

I use hardware most of the time. I don’t use them enough to keep them.
I get what you are saying about the price, i’m always open to any reasonable offers.
According to the website the bundle is 420 so i thought 100 off was reasonable.

With kind regards,


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Little price drop 270 euro

Drop to 250 Euro