Porting a VST2.4 plugin to VST3

I was wondering if there is a wrapper that will wrap a VST2.4 AudioEffectX synth so I can easily produce a VST3 binary?
I have a legacy VST2.4 synth plugin, well tested, that uses the latest v4.6 VSTGUI ( already ported that part in my vst2.4 plugin, was easy).

If not, then next question, is there a porting guide, or any tips when porting VST2.4 to VST3, quick ways to come up to speed, etc…


Found the documentation in the doc/ folder of the git clone of https://github.com/steinbergmedia/vst3sdk

I found there are mda demo instruments in the samples folder that are separated by Processor and EditController files. The Piano one looks like a good example…
The docs also describe the architecture of VST3 pretty well (COM interface with the new VST3 concepts like separation of Processor/EditController, Unicode vs NonUnicode and that I may need to distribute a version of the plugin with each :unamused: , etc…). So I’m getting a good intro now. :slight_smile:


  • Doesn’t answer my question if there is a wrapper to wrap VST2.4 c++ code to present a VST3 interface… But it might not be that hard to make a VST3 wrapper plugin that calls into my VST2.4 AudioEffectX either… idk. Still exploring.
  • Also not sure if I need to convert my legacy AEffGUIEditor / AEffEditor to the new EditController…
  • I’m not using the UIDesc resource file either (c++ code lays out my gui), would be great to be able to export my GUI to this resource file to load up instead!