porting settings from Nuendo 4 to 5

I recently received my copy of the Nuendo 5.

I’m curious which settings are OK to port over from 4 to 5 and which ones it would be better to build from scratch so that I transport glitchy stuff from my old version.

Should be fine, but it’s always better to start over from scratch.
Rename your old Nuendo 4 folder before installing N5, that will prevent old settings to be ported over to Nuendo5. Then re-do all your prefs and settings. This will guarantee you that you haven’t brought any problems or incompatibilities over.


except if you have tons of groove templates, customised key commands, colours etc that you have spent weeks/months/years perfecting to your own taste…
whilst Fredo’s suggestion is accurate, for me it has been unnecessary as far as I know…or if you do start over, I would suggest saving the new ones after you are satisfied in a safe place so when Nuendo 6 comes you can at least use those apart from starting over…
what would be nice to me is an import settings options in Nuendo which will take care of all of this, so you can start over from scratch and import whatever you want from old preferences…