Portion of the guitar and vocal abbreviated

I am looking for a fix, or adjustment(s) to made to alleviate this problem.
I recorded “Dream A Little Dream”, a Mamas and the Papa’s hit. When recording the line “sweet dreams till sunbeams find you”, the result was “sweet d’lls sunbeams find you”, dream till were truncated.
I did not make the error while playing and singing, but the error did appear while in play back mode.
I tried setting up a “new” recording session, only to have the same thing occur in another part of the lyric. The guitar stays with the lyric, bot affected at the same time. Is it in my settings? *s Cubase 13 Artist failing to perform properly?
As far as I know, the program is up to date. Josh, from Steinberg did that for me.

Can you post a screen capture of the Project Window showing the Audio and indicate where the problem occurs

Raino, thanks for the contact.
I am not sure exactly what you mean.
What your ask means to me, I just open the project, and point to the place the event happened?
I am a hobbyist, not knowing too much about music or computers.
If given a set of instructions, I might be able to do exactly what you need.
If we could arrange a time, perhaps you might be able to talk me through the process. Just a thought. 310 890 0212


The Project Window is where you see all your tracks.
Please take a screenshot showing the area of the waveform(s) where there is audio missing and paste that in this thread.
(If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, a quick Google search will help you with that.)

You guys are going to think that I am crazy. You may be right…I’ll take the fifth on that topic.

Let me tell you what I did do, while waiting for this email. The original setting for the RAM, was 9050 on top and 9728 on the bottom. I do not what I found and how I found it, but with searching and a bit of luck, I made a RAM change to 10,000on top and 12,000 on the bottom. I referred Top and Bottom, only because of what the screen looked like. The track no longer is skipping. I have no idea, if I solved the problem, if it is still lurking about…or what?

Could the error be in playback? I’ll let you play with that one, only because I would think that would not be the answer.

The Audio Performance meter showed everything with in the first rectangle, not even close to clipping.

I pressed the print screen button, but have no idea where the picture is hiding. I tried Clipboard and My Phots and can’t find it.

I am sorry that I am not being too helpful, but have a difficult time with these sorts of computer endeavors.