Portrait monitor puzzlements

I’m using dual monitors, with the main one being in portrait orientation. In ‘maximise’ mode, all the material fits nicely onto the screen. However, if I click from Print to Engrave mode and back again, some of the right side of the Dorico interface is lost:

(The right edge of the image is also the right extremity of the screen.)
If I Restore Down and Maximise again, I’m back to where I was, so - a couple of clicks, no big deal.
Now, I had thought that the easiest way to overcome this would be to Restore Down, and then fit the (non-maximised) main window into the screen space using the mouse. But this doesn’t work either, because - although I can make the window more or less tall - I can’t make it narrow enough. Indeed, the best I can manage happens to be identical to the maximised setting. My monitor resolution is 1080x1920, if that’s any help diagnostically.

I suspect that the minimum width of the window in Print mode is wider than 1080 pixels for some reason, though I’m not sure exactly why that should be. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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You might be able to grab the top of the window and drag it across to the left. If this possible on your setup, it should bring into view what is currently out of sight.

It certainly does. Trouble is, I then lose the corresponding area of the left hand side! Daniel’s reply explains all, I think.

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You might be able to grab the top of the window and drag it across to the left. If this possible on your setup, it should bring into view what is currently out of sight.

Once you have dragged the entire window sufficiently far to the left so that the right edge of the window is visible, can you then grab that right edge and drag it towards the left without the left side of the window moving as well? When I do it on my Mac, the Layouts panel on the left stays put and the print preview area (in between the left and right panels) becomes narrower. From your screen shot it looks like you are using a Windows computer. I know that there are differences between Windows and Mac which affect window behaviour, so it may well behave differently for you. When I tried what you described in your original post, the window did indeed increase in width, but I was able to make it narrower by dragging the right edge to the left. Alternatively, can you drag the left edge of the window without the right panel moving (ie just the print preview squashes up)? If you can, do that then drag the whole window to the left. Of course, if there is something either in Dorico or in Windows which is preventing the window from becoming narrower then you might be out of luck.

One thing I have noticed is that if you close the left and right panels while in Engrave mode and then drag a window edge to make the window narrower, when you switch to Print mode the window there is also narrower (at least for me on my setup).

Depending on which mode I am in and which panels are open, the minimum window widths are variously 949, 954, 957, 961, 978, or 1180 pixels. For example, in Engrave mode with the left and right panels both open, the window width is 1180. With the panels closed, it can be reduced to 978 by dragging one edge of the window. If I then go to Print mode, the window width stays at 978, and that is with both panels open.

In trying to get the Print window to play ball in ‘Restore Down’ mode, I had right from the beginning tried to drag the left edge rightwards from the left of my two monitors, but it stopped dead each time when the window reached a particular width, with the result described in my original email. What I couldn’t understand was that the the window can fit perfectly onto the screen in maximise mode (if it behaves itself).
I have to report that today the Print window is conducting itself impeccably despite all my attempts to make it replicate its previous (long-term) behaviour, and is now fitting the screen each time it is switched from Engrave to Print mode. This is most welcome but also more than a little exasperating!

All I can say, with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, is “Isn’t technology wonderful?”.

I can only quote the immortal Blackadder: ’ I am one of these people who are quite happy
to wear cotton, but have no idea how it works.’

Plus, my Print window is misbehaving again - but, significantly, with a different file. The distinction between the files is that one is a large-scale symphony with an enormous orchestra, and the other is the simplest of simple trio of children’s songs. Guess which file is causing the screen-fitting problems? Yup, the songlets. Go figure, as I understand the saying goes.