Portrait or landscape pages scrolling direction

Hi everyone I would like to know how can I change the view of the pages in iPad dorico? They appear vertically and I would like to see them horizontally.

In Layout options you have to switch to Landscape mode
Here some pictures that explains:

The screenshot in the OP makes me think that maybe, despite the thread title, what Martin is asking about is the scrolling direction. The desktop version offers a choice of page arrangements for page view but as far as I can tell the iPad version does not.

Hopefully I’m wrong and the previous post was the right answer, but either way, @Lillie_Harris I found something in the docs that confused me: The screenshot at Zones and Panels shows a status bar at the bottom. That doesn’t actually exist on iPad, does it?

Oh, I see @Mark_Johnson , you are probably right… :blush:

Indeed the iPad inherits the visualization mode (horizontal or vertical spreads or single pages h. or v.) from the saved Desktop version of the file and has no way to adjust it,
So the only way to have the desired visualization is to edit the file in the Desktop version. Someone please correct us if wrong.

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Right mark

No, that’s one of the pictures that needs updating for the iPad manual, alongside a number of other things that need updating for the iPad manual!

So these is the only way? @Lillie_Harris

Yes, I’m afraid so, at least for the time being.

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If you need, you can post the file here or send as a private message and I would be glad to adjust the visualization for you.

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