Ports Setup.xml Preference file on Mac

Im using Cubase 8.5 on a Mac OSX 10.11.4 El Capitan

Ports Setup file

I have a general questions about the source of data Cubase 8.5 uses to recreate the Ports Setup.xml file when you delete it. I noticed mine had a set of old info due to audio hardware changes over time. So I deleted the old file and let Cubase rebuild.

However one of my audio devices a Lynx Aurora 8 Thunderbolt seems to be picking up a descriptor of Aurora USB Record 1 on its first channel description and I wondered where this info actually resides on the computer as it is clearly in error?
(See extract from Port Setup.xml below) This has little effect as its only a label descriptor but I’d like to know where Cubase rebuild the data from. So does anyone know where the Port Setup.xml file gets its data from on a Mac?

ASIO Device Selection

Another oddity is when I launch 8.5 it prompts me for which ASIO audio driver Id like.

However the drop down choice list seems to show none of the mac aggregate audio devices so I can’t load the correct audio device info and have to select it again via Device setup after Cubase is loaded.

Anyone using aggregate audio devices on a mac get this?

Feedback would be useful to assist my debugging efforts.



Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question. But I have some info, might help.

  1. I found, there has to be at least two different mechanism, how Cubase handles a MIDI Ports. One is for MIDI tracks, and another one is for Remote Devices.
  • Remote Devices: I noticed, Cubase always lost the connection with all virtual MIDI ports, when I quit and relaunch Cubase. I always have to remap all virtual MIDI ports in the Remote Devices. As I heard, the reason is, the virtual MIDI port always gets a new ID to Cubase, when Cubase starts. So from the Cubase point of view, it’s a new device.
  • MIDI Tracks: MIDI tracks are still connected to the virtual MIDI Port even after quit, relaunch and reopen the project.
  1. Using of Aggregate Audio Device is not supported (almost no DAW supports it). It’s not “forbidden”, but there are some known issues.

At the other hand, mine Aggregate Device appears in the list.