Posible simpe work around fix for hang on exit.

Don’t know about you, and I know this doesn’t effect everyone, but my Cubase hangs on exit about 30% of the time causing me to close from tax manager, which indicates Cubase is not responding. I can then close Cubase in that way but have to reboot my PC before I can use ASIO on my sound card again, which is a 30% pain in the arse when it happens.

Well, I read this somewhere, and being the sceptic I am took it with a pinch of salt, but when logic fails it’s about time to try anything, right?

So try this, and please report your findings:

When you’ve finished your work. Save your project. But don’t quite yet. Instead, change something. Move a clip, anything, just make a change. Then quite. Cubase will then ask if you want to save changes. Select no.

It’s early days yet but since closing this way I have had no hang on exit, not once. Now I have no ides why this is the case, nor do I care. If it works it works.

Try it and let us know your findings.


I don’t have hangs but Cubase can take a long time to shut down. I’ll try.
You must be doing well to be using a Tax Manager/Accountant?

Of course I mean Task Manager, But, as I’ve discovered this is not 100% effective.

You may not get hang on close but many do. If your Cubase takes a long time to close try pressing
Ctrl Alt Delete and select Start Task Manager, then select Applications. Does your Cubase show Not Responding?

I will of course try out your suggestions. However it might take a while to confirm any improvement in behaviour.
It is of course disappointing to find out that Steinberg have not introduced a Tax manager function into Cubase. It certainly set my imagination racing to think of other usefully inappropriate functions.

I close/save the project first, then I quit Cubase. So it works fine on my MacBookPro (10.6.8)

I just installed the latest version of Cubase (Pro 8.0.30) and it did the exact same thing. Open and close the project window is fine but the background/main window of Cubase will hang if you close it. I have to use Task Manager to kill it but this also mean Cubase will not save the initial settings you set when you start Cubase and then you have to do it again every time you start Cubase.

Please investigate and help us support team!