Position for "Left Hand" or "sopra" and the likes

Hello, I do not understand the placement of the hands position “labels” in the playing techniques for keyboard. If I understand correctly I should write the notes in the appropriate staff (upper one for right hand notes and lower one for the right hand notes), then I press “n” to move the notes up staff or “m” to bring them down. And then for clarity I select the high pitched notes played with the left hand and select “sopra” or “LH” or other, but these “labels” (sopra, LH, ms) are not positioned closed to the appropriate note or notes.
Attached (if I manage to do so) an image from page 306 of the book Behind Bars for clarity.

Playing techniques are not associated with notes in a specific voice, so they won’t move if you move the notes to the other staff. You can simply input them on the staff on which you want them to appear, and flip them to the opposite side of the staff with Edit > Flip (shortcut F).

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