Position issues when copying automation from one project to another

I’m trying to copy everything from one project to another in Cubase 13 Pro - audio tracks, tempo data & automation. For some reason, the automation points are ending up in the wrong places when importing to a new project, even though the tempo change data is intact. I’ve got all the automation lanes open in the project I’m copying from & using CTRL A & CTRL C to select & copy, then activating the new project & using CTRL & V to paste everything in. It all seems to paste correctly, but the automation points aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

Is there something I’m doing wrong???

Have you tried the ‘Import tracks from project’ option instead? Under File-Import. :slight_smile:

No good. Basically, because VST Live is still so full of bugs & unusable to me at the moment, I’m using Cubase as my live performance software. So I’m automating VST FX on & off etc for each song. I’ve tried the import tracks from project option but the tempo change data isn’t being imported for some reason. This is why I’m copying from one project then pasting to the project I’ll be using for that particular show & so on. I’m really puzzled as to why the automation points aren’t just pasting exactly where they’re supposed to be, they’re ending up all over the place.

Of course, it would be nice if I could just use VST Live!