Position of dots of augmentation

Is there a reason why notes in a voice with tails pointing down have dots of augmentation in the space below, rather than the space above, when the note is on a line? I am used to dots alway being in the space above.

(A bit of a mouthful, but I think the question is clear.)

Is there a switch to change this?



Dorico will normally put rhythm dots in the space above even for down-stem notes, unless there are two (or more) voices active, in which case it will put the dots for up-stem voices in the space above and the dots for down-stem voices in the space below. There aren’t any options for this, I’m afraid. The convention you describe isn’t one I’m familiar with, though I can see that there are situations where there is sufficient gap between the down-stem and up-stem voices that you could have the dot for the down-stem note in the space above. However, this isn’t something Dorico supports.

Thank you, Daniel!

I have had to look through a large number of scores to find examples, but find that this does indeed seem to be a convention of which I was unaware. It turns out that the score that I am currently working on contains an unusually large number of thirds that demonstrate this, each stave having two voices!

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