Position of grace notes

Please look @ this pic:

There are no special changes both in engraving options and in the properties panel. The frame is 83% full, so no risk of collisions. But you can see, the positioning of grace notes is somehow quirky. (Maybe I do not know any on board possibilities for setting the spacing of grace notes. I know the engraving options and properties panels possibilities, so I would be glad to get a hint in order to avoid correcting every single occurrence manually. :wink: )

Here are 3 things I want to mention:

1: In my project grace notes often don’t seem as something »before« a note but as something »in between« (see left eight note couple). There is not a big change if I set a smaller gap between grace note and main note in the engraving options. If one group has an accidental and another hasn’t the »in between« character is even more noticable. See upper system:

2: I don’t understand, why the spacing of grace notes is sooo different if there is an accidental (#, b) or if there isn’t one (compare left and right eight note couple in pic one)
3: If I would flip the stems of the grace notes downwards, spacings are the same both left and right. So why there is such a big gap difference according to the position of stems?

BTW: Dorico’s user interface for manual spacing is sometimes more an obstacle than an aid. :wink:

The difference between the spacing of those grace notes is accounted for by the ledger lines, which push them further apart. You cannot easily discount the impact of ledger lines on spacing – Dorico will not allow ledger lines to run into each other – but you could increase the default spacing between grace notes, either globally on the Note Spacing page of Layout Options or for a particular passage via Engrave > Note Spacing Change, which should allow you to space them a little more evenly.

Grace notes at the same rhythmic position on multiple staves are always positioned at the same horizontal position on every staff. There’s no way for you to change that default behaviour, but you can adjust he position of individual grace notes on a per-staff basis using the circular handles when editing note spacing in Engrave mode.

Thank you for answering, Daniel!
I already moved the grace notes manually before I started to write the comment above since I wanted to save time with using some specific global settings. So, good for me that there is nothing I did wrong. :wink: This helps me for better understanding of Dorico.