position of gradual dynamic text and de-activate text

It is possible to choose the relative position of ‘subito’ to dynamic (left or right).
Is this also possible with ‘poco a poco’'? Can’t find it…

And another thing which always irritates me…if I choose the dynamic text ‘poco’ or ‘subito’ or ‘molto’ or ‘meno’ or ‘più’ in the dynamics panel, the ‘poco’ button is enlighten, but I can’t deactivate it, if I decide not to use it, I have to write the dynamic from scratch. in the property panel, it is only possible to de-activate ‘poco a poco’ and ‘niente’…

  1. Yes. Engraving Options–Dynamics–Appearance. Left or right.

no, sorry Dan,…this is only for ‘subito’

Right, that’s why I said “1.”

haha…but I knew that and how it is possible, that’s why I wrote:
“It is possible to choose the relative position of ‘subito’ to dynamic (left or right).” - without a question mark…

but all the others are not possible and THAT’s what i was asking for…but thanx for confirming anyway :laughing:

Oops… sorry. I really need to stop reading so hastily on the forum…

No prob…good that you always try to answer though

Nobody ever had these problems?

No, it’s not possible to specify whether “poco a poco” goes before or after “cresc.” or “dim.” at the moment. The fact that you cannot switch off “poco” et al. in the panel is a little bug, which we’ll take care of in a future update.

You can only do these things when inputting text directly—Shift X— but playback will not react to it at all. It’s a workaround to make the score LOOK the way you may want.