Position of larger articulations

Firstly, I apologize in advance because I did inquire about this on the forum back in the early days of Dorico 1.0, but it still seems to be an issue even in the newest release. When adding the “accent” articulation to a note on the middle line of the staff, it still appears within the staff by default, even when the engraving option is set for it to appear outside of the staff (see attached images). Of course, this can be adjusted manually, and Dorico continues to improve at a rate that made me forget about this minor concern for the better part of the last two years. Still, I thought this might be an appropriate time to mention it again . . .

Engraving Options.png

The answer is still the same as it was then: the accent is not considered large enough to be moved out of the staff by this option. But we know that people want this to be possible to change, and it’s on our backlog.