Position of percussion line

I have a percussion staff assigned with a bunch of instruments; when I change from e.g Sleigh bells to Bass drum the line is on a different height, how can I have the same line? thanks!
Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 13.23.46

In Engrave mode, select something on that staff and choose Engrave > Staff Spacing > Reset Selected Frames. That should hopefully sort it out.


Yes, it’s one continuous line now, thanks.

Also to mention it took me 20 minutes(!) for a single bar and it’s not even perfect :slight_smile:
A double stem on a single percussion line and a square around it. I’ve had to do the pedal line trick, the old Finale days…

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 17.23.13

Strange stem on the last upstem quarter there… I wouldn’t have thought this was so difficult to create though.