Position of the selected note or cursor displayed in the status bar

What I really miss in Dorico 5 is the display of the position of the selected note or the cursor position as a bar number or in ticks per quarter, e.g. in the status bar. It helps a lot with orientation when writing music, because you can see at a glance whether you are just before the “3 and e” or just after the “4 and” in a 4/4 bar (especially with 16/32-notes and triplets). Is there a plan for this or is there a hidden feature I overlooked?

You can use the system track combined with an appropriate rhythmic grid. If you press alt/option, the system track will show all subdivisions accordingly to the rhythmic grid, it can help.


I will try it out and see if it will help me with my rhythmic positions. In Sibelius you can always see the position of the selected note in the status bar, which is very handy.