Positioning dynamics in a grand staff

I feel like there is probably an obvious answer to this but my searching the online manual and the forums hasn’t been successful. so if anyone is able to help: How do I stop grand staff dynamics aligning vertically centred between the two staves? i.e. I want some dynamics to be centred and sometimes I want to align them vertically to a specific staff.

There isn’t a setting that affects this; you’ll have to shift them manually. As you may have seen, when you flip a dynamic mark to the other side of the staff, it doesn’t do this centering, so that can be useful.

As Mark said, but there is a workaround that works sometimes: select the dynamic and press F (flip) twice. The resulting position will be closer to the staff the dynamic is attached to.

oh wow, that’s a great tip, thanks.

I’ve actually used a grand staff with up to four staves to make a piano reduction for an opera, which have so many independent lines and dynamics to summarise the whole score, often not idiomatically like actual piano music. On reflection is maybe a bad idea, and individual staves braced together would have been better, so it doesn’t centre between the staves.

Perhaps a bit more explicit control over this on grand staff instruments would be possible in a future version. :crossed_fingers:

You can still do this. Select to End of Flow on each staff and Alt-click onto 4 new “sketch” instruments. This will also greatly simplify hiding empty staves and separate playback channels. I think the only other thing you have to do manually is brace them together for each flow.