positioning notes on each staff

I am trying to write as in the example, it is a canon, with notes that correspond vertically, on each stave . If I first prepare 2 measures on 8 staves, when I write the music all the measures have different lengths, and even playing in ingrave mode with the spacing notes I can not achieve this result.
Can you help me?
sorry for my poor english

You can set the proportion of note spacing in Layout Options—Note Spacing to 2, which will make it exactly proportionate.

You should also set minimum space between lyrics to -30 or something (Engraving Options—Lyrics), and you may need to manually resolve lyric collisions.

Another way to achieve this - it’s kind of a variation on what one could do in Sibelius:

–In another voice - one that won’t be used - fill out the measure with sixteenths ( or 32nd notes)
–In the voice that you do want to use, notate the passage
–Filter to select the voice using the sixteenths, and scale to “0.”
–You can now select the system breaks in Engrave Mode to the number desired, and they should line up. The “hidden” voice keeps the bar the same size. Note sure how/if lyrics will change this, but it might work for you.

Thanks for your answers. I first try Dan proposition and it works, but i had to make some adjustements after systems breaks. I will try the option with a second voice, i dont need to write the lyrics.

That’s odd… you shouldn’t need to adjust anything. The note spacing should be exactly proportionate.