positioning of new Playing Techniques

Is there a way to designate the horizontal and vertical positioning of an individual Playing Technique? The horizontal and vertical positioning of all PTs can be defined in Engraving Options, but I’m hoping there’s some way to do this for individual PTs. I don’t want to mess with the placement of the stock PTs in Dorico, but I’ve created some new ones and their positioning could use some tweaking.

I realize this can be done for each instance using the offsets in the Properties Panel, but I’m hoping there’s some way to define it globally (so that I won’t have to set the offsets in the Properties Panel every time I use the new PT).

I tried setting the X/Y offsets in the PT editor when creating the new PTs, but that did not seem to have any effect on their placement in the score.


No, there’s no way to influence this: glyph-based playing techniques will always be centred on the main notehead in the first voice column.

Thanks for letting me know, Daniel.

Daniel, is there the possibility of allowing X and Y offsets in the future? Perhaps as an option in the PT editor. This is a much easier way of adjusting the global positioning of certain PTs. For example, I like the downbow a little higher, but I don’t necessarily want all the playing techniques raised. It would be easy to just edit that PT to affect its Y-offset.

I can see why the default would be to place the PT based on global settings, but it would be nice to have the option. Thanks.

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I definitely second Dan’s suggestion, if it’s at all possible for the future. Thanks.

I would love an option like that too. Would this be possible for a future release?


I’m using a downward arrow with a squiggly shaft (U+E635) that a client would like on the left side of the percussion note, with the arrowhead next to the note head. There isn’t even a way to offset in the properties panel; I have to move all entries manually. It’d be great to set once and forget it.