Positioning previous cue with timestamp before session

Wondering if any other film composers out there have streamlined method for doing the following…

Basically when composing a cue that comes right out of the previous I like to bring in the previous cue’s audio mix as a guide so that the transition is seamless. This unfortunately presents a problem because it’s timecode stamp will usually be before the session start of the new cue. If I try to move that file “to origin” I will get an error that says that it cannot be moved prior to session start. My current method of getting around this is a bit complicated but involves changing the session start temporarily, move the file to its origin, chopping off all except a bit of the end, bouncing that little snippet to a new audio file, changing back the session start time and then moving that new file to its origin. It’s a bit cumbersome to say the least. When I change the time code I could choose the shift the entire project that presents a whole lot of other problems, shifting things I don’t want shifted; therefore it is a bit more dangerous.

Anyone have any workflow solutions for this?