Positive Remark: 13.0.20 Correctly added back expand/collapse indicator

It may seem like a minor issue (and I guess it is) but I see it as a sign of life. When v13 removed these indicators I was surprised. The visual result was a rectangular field that didn’t contain any signifier that it was expandable or collapsible. If I were grading a student I would ask, “Why did you remove the indicator? Have you researched the results of this?”

For those of us who have used it before, it’s not an issue. We would infer how to use it. For new users, it would likely take several seconds of guess work at most.

The reason I think it’s a positive sign that it has returned is because there actually was no good reason to remove it. It feels like it was removed for an aesthetic reason but not a usability one. It goes against what we call a “design pattern”. Their decision to put it back gives me hope there’s a UX/UI person there who is hopefully taking charge of the situation.

A good sign.


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I think it was part of the graphical issue in Cubase 13.0.10 on Windows. I had these controls on my side in Cubase 13.0.10 on Mac.

It was never gone (also not in the win version), it was just not ticked to be shown in the default set-up.