Positive Vibes

Hi I just wanted to give Kudos to Daniel and the dev team.

I just had my first walk around the park with the new baby and my basic feeling is this is great software. Sure there is a bunch of stuff missing and some bugs etc but we all knew that right?! If you have a publishing deadline to meet by tomorrow and you expect to do it on Dorico without even looking at what was missing/included before you bought the program and also expect a version software to be fault free then maybe you should rethink your working methodology a little…

The essential premise that Daniel has been talking about is very much intact though… a rethought and more intuitive approach to input and engraving. I really like the step midi input and how the input is activated. After using Sibelius for so many years I couldn’t stand the randomness of when Sibelius would sometimes want to input from stuff i was just auditioning. I don’t know if you guys know what I’m talking about but my esc key was hit many times in frustration followed my multiple CTRL Z’s… Another thing I’m already loving is the the way bars/beats are recalculated and also the insert mode. Also enjoying typing in time sigs wherever the hell i want and the popover concept in general. Haven’t spent much time in the engrave/layout modes yet but I already like the text frame at the top of pages and the concept of master pages. Going to make it really simple for adding titles etc to consequent pages - which was pretty convoluted in Sibelius and Finale as well.

Anyway. I’m a convert for sure. I won’t really be able to get going on it full time until chords come into functionality but until then I’m gonna spend time getting my input chops up on it and giving feedback regards anything i think is a glaring fault that hasn’t already been mentioned in this forum.

Congrats to the devs for rethinking the process and coming with a solution. Looking forward to the updates.