Possibility to asign 0,1,2,3 keys for p,i,m,a guitar fingerings

Dorico uses common sense. That is why it’s so easy to switch to it. (I personally made my complete “switch” in just 15 days, after 20y of using other software!) So I think my suggestion is in that sense:
Having the (alternative) possibility to assign the keys 0,1,2,3 to fingering p,i,m,a is completely natural for a guitarist. You can “play” with your right hand on the num keypad your e.g. arpeggio, or any other fingering, with the same fingers you want to use! And, at the same time, even “playing” (by tapping) on your guitar fingerboard with your L.H.!
I suppose this is a future feature request (dear Daniel :grinning:), but if there is a workaround right now, I would be pleased to know! Only by using the fingering popover of course, which you can advance to the next note. (Using playing techniques is possible to assign these keys to fingers, although not handy because you have to leave the popover)

And ***PLEASE we need an undo/redo history panel, as in Wavelab, which I also use and love for many years now.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you say a bit more about why you would find using numbers easier than typing the letters you would actually see as the fingerings?

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Thank you Daniel!
(Αlways talking about the numeric keypad of my laptop or desktop).
This is a video of my right hand “playing” a common circle arpeggio:
on keys

As you see it is completely natural for a guitarist.
I found in “dorico-3.5.10-popovers.pdf” that numbers 1,2,3,4,are already assigned for the right hand fingering popover, and give p,i,m,a.
So we only need to change 1,2,3,4 to 0,1,2,3.