Possibility to exclude audio plugins from Dorico

Is there a way to exclude installed VST plugins from Dorico? As far as I can tell, all VST3 plugins must be located in the same directory so that you can’t put some of them in different folders in order to hide them from certain applications.
I must confess that I have lots of plugins installed which I require in Cubase but don’t need in Dorico. Since there are always some plugins that get updates, Dorico takes several minutes to start afterwards – probably because the audio engine rescans the plugin folder. It would be nice if I could exclude most of the plugins or if there was an option to disable the automatic scan and trigger it manually if needed.

There is not at present a way of specifying a VST3 block list in Dorico, I’m afraid. This has been requested before and is on our wish list for the future.

Ok, glad to hear it’s already on your (probably endless) wishlist. Thank you for the quick reply and your terrific work.